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Kate Bradley Chernis review for Katarina

"I loved loved loved being Katarina's guest on her Digital Vino live stream – when your host can string together everything from wine to AI, content writing, female entrepreneurship, digital marketing, rock’n’ roll, the importance of a human-to-human approach, and MUCH more – that makes for one heckuva show! Her insight into the parallels between our two worlds is what makes for true human connection. To be able to communicate that, so powerfully, digitally, is nothing short of inspiring and what makes Katarina THE go-to wine aficionado in Italy and beyond. Thank you, Katarina, for welcoming me and Lately into your wonderfully delicious world!"

Kate Bradley Chernis
Co-Founder & CEO,

Vanessa Raymond Testimonial Katarina Grapevine Adventures

"Over the past 5 years Katarina has grown a passionate audience for her livestream. Being a guest of Digital Vino was not only an honor and a pleasure, it also gave my wine startup an international platform to talk about our values and mission for connecting wine lovers with wine professionals to discover incredible wines from the comfort of home."

Vanessa Raymond
Founder, Telesomm

E Johnson Testimonial Katarina Grapevine Adventures

"I was so flattered that Katarina invited me to be on her show. She is so knowledgeable and active in the industry. her approach seemed so easy going and flowed like a natural conversation. I would work with her ANYTIME!"

Eddie Johnson
Managing Director,
Rebel Visions Corporation



"Con l'auto di Katarina abbiamo progettato, sviluppato e comunicato i contenuti e gli eventi in occasione della nostra 50esima vendemmia. Il progetto #50harvests è stato pianificato e diffuso attraverso diversi canali (video, live stream, social media) e ha ottenuto grande visibilità su internet (ma non solo). A distanza di un anno dalla fine del progetto continuiamo a lavorare con Katarina alla pianificazione e alla gestione della comunicazione sul web (e non solo!) della nostra piccola cantina.

With the help of Katarina, we designed, developed, and communicated content and events about the celebration of our 50th harvest. The project #50harvests was planned and distributed via different channels (video, live stream, social media) and got a lot of visibility on Internet (but not only). One year having now passed since the project ended, we continue to work with Katarina for planning and management of our small winery’s communication on the web (and much more than that!)."

Lorenzo Sieni
Montefioralle Winery,
Tuscany, Italy

Lloyd Stevens review for Katarina Grapevine Adventures

"Thanks to Katarina & Laura for organizing a fantastic day at Fattoria Di Fibbiano which started with a tour of the winery before a wine tasting and a delightful lunch."

Lloyd Stevens
Food & Wine Blogger, UK

Nicoletta Corso Testimonial Grapevine Adventures

"Lei è una blogger del vino. Svedese di nascita, italiana di adozione, si occupa di valorizzare il mercato del vino e della sua digitalizzazione. Una giovane donna, con una energia potente di professionalità e internazionalità. Racconta storie di aziende e di vino, e lo fa con la passione di chi il vino lo conosce davvero. Essere una blogger è una professione, soprattutto quando c’è questa competenza e questo amore per il prodotto Katarina Andersson.

She is a wine blogger. She was born in Sweden, now she lives in Italy, she works with enhancing the wine market and its digitalization. A young woman with a powerful energy, professionalism, and striving for internationalization. She tells stories about wineries and wines, and she does this with the passion of someone who really knows what she is talking about. Being a blogger is a profession, especially when there is such competence and love for the product as Katarina Andersson has."

Nicoletta Corso
Management Consultant & Coach,

Kimberley and Bob review for Katarina Grapevine Adventures

"We really enjoyed the wine tours you setup for us, especially with short notice. The hosts at the wineries were extremely friendly. We enjoyed the education and learning about the growing, harvesting, and processing to make the incredible Chianti and other wine varieties.
Thank you, Katarina for being a gracious host."

Kimberley & Bob Keslin

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