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A Biodynamic Expression of Sagrantino in Umbria

By Katarina Andersson | February 2, 2019

Umbria is a region that is a bit tucked away between Tuscany, Marche, and Lazio and often it has gotten less attention and recognition than it deserves when it comes to wine production. Umbria is not only the land of Sagrantino but also of white grapes such as Grechetto in … Read more

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By The Fire

Get Cosy By The Fire With Italian Wine

By Katarina Andersson | January 5, 2019

The first week of the new year 2019 arrives in Italy with cold all the way down to the southern regions. The starting theme for this year at #ItalianFWT – Italian Wines for Cold Winter Nights – seems to fit the season very well. Let us imagine a cosy scenery … Read more

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5 Wines Tasted in Fabulous and Beautiful Settings

By Katarina Andersson | January 3, 2019

Those of you who follow me on Facebook, know that I was discussing in a post the other week what to write about in an article with a holiday theme. Generally, I am not very fond of lists. To me, they are quite boring most of the time. However, I … Read more

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Off-Roading Through the Vineyards with Vignaioli di Radda

By Katarina Andersson | December 9, 2018

Approaching mid-December and Christmas time, I will take a jump backwards in time to the end of May and the event of Vignaioli di Radda. This was the second year and the second event of the association Vignaioli di Radda. Just as last year, we were a group of wine … Read more

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A Superior Sparkling Christmas With Bele Casel

By Katarina Andersson | December 1, 2018

On a Monday afternoon in Verona, earlier this week, I met Paola Ferraro from Bele Casel winery by chance. I was stopping by a table to chat with my friends Irene Graziotti and Daniele Becchi at the Wine2Wine event, and Paola was with them so it feels like we are friends … Read more

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5 Wineries Manifesting Themselves at Back to the Wine

By Katarina Andersson | November 25, 2018

My idea for this article was to talk about some random wine tastings I did at the wine event #Backtothewine in Faenza last weekend. But imagine my surprise when I the other day while happily starting to write this article discovered that such a title was already taken for this … Read more

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A Young and Fresh Interpretation of Native Grapes in Puglia

By Katarina Andersson | November 12, 2018

At the restaurant Cibus in Ceglie Messapica in Puglia last month, during the #TerroirPuglia press tour, we had a just amazing lunch. We enjoyed dish after dish of amazing local food such as different crostini, yummy pies, ravioli filled with codfish, lamb stew, tagliata (sliced beef), and much more. All while … Read more

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A New Golden Age for the Gaglioppo in Calabria

By Katarina Andersson | November 3, 2018

When I was thinking of an Italian theme for me to host this November in the #ItalianFWT group, I knew I wanted to focus on Calabria and the Gaglioppo grape. It is a very interesting region and an area that is often overlooked for other areas with higher visibility in … Read more

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Sparkling Wines

40 Years of Jazzy Sparkling Wines at D’Araprì Winery

By Katarina Andersson | November 2, 2018

When I got invited by D’Araprì winery to their 40th-anniversary party I said yes straight away. Who wouldn’t accept on the spot, right? Even if it is a bit far to Puglia and just for a few days. Well, at least for me there was no doubt. Also, because the invitation … Read more

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Gaglioppo & Calabria – Hidden Gems in Italy at #ItalianFWT

By Katarina Andersson | October 27, 2018

November 2018 at #ItalianFWT will be all about Gaglioppo and Calabria. We will talk about wine in Calabria with a focus on the elusive and sometimes not well-understood Gaglioppo grape. As I have many friends from Calabria, it was also one of the regions except for Tuscany that I travelled … Read more

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