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Preview: Organic & Natural Wine – What’s it all about?

By Katarina Andersson | March 4, 2022

So, March is here and it is time to look closer at organic, biodynamic, and natural wines at the Italian Food, Wine, and Travel group. They are three types, or categories, of wine that have many things in common but there are also differences between them. Which are the common … Read more

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Emozioni dal Mondo – A Wine Competition Focused On French Grapes

By Katarina Andersson | February 6, 2022

Emozioni dal Mondo is a wine competition that has a focus on Bordeaux-style wines made with the French grapes Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from all over the world. The wine competition started out in 2004 as a series of tasting events that were centered around the Bordeaux blend wines produced … Read more

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A Day in Valpolicella with the Tedeschi Family

By Katarina Andersson | January 30, 2022

A day in Valpolicella with Sabrina and Riccardo Tedeschi at their winery was a great opportunity to learn more about their winemaking. Here, I will take us back to a lovely summer day when I jumped on a train with destination Verona and Valpolicella. I had gotten an invitation to … Read more

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Villa Santo Stefano_Tuscany

How a German Dream of Italy Leads to Tuscan Wine Success

By Katarina Andersson | January 24, 2022

Villa Santo Stefano is a small estate on the hills of Lucca where the German top-level automotive executive Wolfgang Reitzle and his wife Nina Ruge, journalist, TV presenter, and author, have made their dream of Italy come true. With a clear-cut and precise vision, they have turned their small corner … Read more

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Tuccanese – A Sangiovese From a Pugliese Perspective

By Katarina Andersson | January 2, 2022

The Tuccanese grape from Puglia has been on my mind for quite some time, and as you know by now I am a sucker for lesser-known and somewhat obscure grapes and wines. When the topic in the Italian Food, Wine, and Travel group was decided to be about Sangiovese Wines … Read more

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How A Glorious Past Can Reinvent The Future in Basilicata

By Katarina Andersson | January 2, 2022

Buon Anno! 2022 starts out by talking about how a glorious past of viticulture can reinvent the future of Aglianico in Basilicata in the Italian Food, Wine, and Travel group. We take a closer look at Aglianico del Vulture, especially, but also Aglianico from Campania. Camilla of Culinary Cam had … Read more

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Evento_Vini_Audaci_Wine Tasting_Tuscany

When Audacious Wines Takes You On A Captivating Tasting Journey

By Katarina Andersson | December 14, 2021

Audacious or daring – Vini Audaci – turns wine tasting into a concept. The idea was created by Andrea Ciancolini and Riccardo Chiarini back before the pandemic, which now seems like a surreal era that happened ages ago and instead, it was only two years ago that it started. The … Read more

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How History and Quality Becomes Key for a Valdobbiadene DOCG Winery

By Katarina Andersson | December 1, 2021

Three wine professionals and friends came together in the 1990s to start what today is a winery focused on producing quality Valdobbiadene DOCG wines. I am talking about Col Vetoraz, and the three guys are Francesco Miotto, the owner of the land and infrastructure, Paolo De Bortoli, the agronomist, and … Read more

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When Trebbiano Gains the Spotlight in a White Wine from Carmignano

By Katarina Andersson | November 7, 2021

When talking about Tenuta di Capezzana winery in Carmignano, a white Trebbiano wine is perhaps not the first wine you come to think of, right? Rather, it would be their Carmignano DOCG wines and, above all, their historical and award-winning Vin Santo. However, they are not only using their Trebbiano … Read more

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How Remarkable Native Grapes Are Revitalizing Wine in Southern Italy

By Katarina Andersson | September 26, 2021

Puglia and Radici del Sud was one of my first destinations for wine in southern Italy earlier in the summer when things started to open up again, allowing for events to be organized. This was my fourth Radici del Sud event, and I also had a small hand in the … Read more

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