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Foglia Tonda

Foglia Tonda – An Almost Forgotten Grape On The Rise

By Katarina Andersson | July 4, 2019

When the semifinal in the Women’s Soccer World Cup between Sweden and Holland was in full swing yesterday, I was on edge almost as if sitting on needles. Football, or soccer, has always been serious business in my family. I played for several years in Sweden and before Wine entered … Read more

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Ciak Irpinia

Ciak Irpinia – A Territory of the Big Wine Rock Stars

By Katarina Andersson | June 18, 2019

Since quite some time, I have been intrigued by the wines from Irpinia in Campania. However, I was not that familiar with the area, I must admit, as I had only been there for a quick visit some years ago. This year, in just a few months I have gotten … Read more

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Puglia Wine

Radici del Sud – The Event for Autochtonous Grape Lovers

By Katarina Andersson | June 7, 2019

Puglia is THE place to be every year in early June! Well, not only in June but all year round. LOL Why you might wonder? Because it is the time of year when Radici del sud takes place. This year I am back at Radici del Sud and even appearing … Read more

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Pisa Wine

Terre di Pisa – A Hidden Wine Wonderland in Tuscany

By Katarina Andersson | May 22, 2019

There is a whole wonderful world to discover when it comes to wine in the Terre di Pisa area. For many of you, it might still be a fairly unknown area. For me, it is a territory very dear to me after having gotten to know several of the wineries … Read more

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Le Marche & Abruzzo – Two Regions… Two Expressions of Pecorino

By Katarina Andersson | May 4, 2019

Pecorino has indeed been one of those white grape varieties that I have always liked even though it until more recently was never considered much as a white wine. Or perhaps it was not even as well known even in Italy. I used to go often to Le Marche and … Read more

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A New Face of the Sagrantino di Montefalco

By Katarina Andersson | May 1, 2019

Sagrantino…not Georgia…is on my mind today So, let’s get back to talk about Montefalco in Umbria and more precisely the Anteprima Sagrantino days that I attended back in February. It was an event sponsored by the Consorzio Tutela Vini Montefalco. They made it possible to learn so much more about … Read more

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3 Wines to Help You Celebrate Easter

By Katarina Andersson | April 20, 2019

Easter is all around us. It has been some very busy months lately with a lot of traveling for wine and my article writing has been suffering. I apologize for that. I have so much to tell you, and I cannot wait to get a bit of calm to sit … Read more

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The Flavours and Treasures of Friuli at Me.Me. Venezia

By Katarina Andersson | March 17, 2019

Still high on my birthday celebrations filled with lovely surprises, I jumped on a train with destination Mestre on a Monday the other week. I did not know yet what the adventure would be, but I knew I would learn a lot more about food and wine from Veneto and … Read more

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Wine Tasting in a Historical Setting at Wine & Siena

By Katarina Andersson | February 28, 2019

January usually begins with a trip to Siena to enjoy the event Wine & Siena for a couple of days. It is an opportunity to meet with wine writing friends and also to soak up a piece of Medieval history while sipping on interesting wine. Sometimes you need to pinch … Read more

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A Weekend Where Sagrantino Has Worked Its Magic

By Katarina Andersson | February 18, 2019

A weekend spent in Montefalco touring wineries and tasting Sagrantino must be almost the best of all worlds, right? This article has been in writing for a week almost. I have been quite busy with tastings for more than a week with the Anteprime Toscane and not the Anteprima Montefalco. … Read more

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