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Alto Adige – Not only Mountains but also Great Wine

By Katarina Andersson | June 8, 2015

Last week I held my second mini-lesson about wine in Florence, at Uva Nera, where we mainly discussed the wine region Trentino-Alto Adige. The group that had gathered for the evening was very interactive and fun to discuss wine with. As usual we alternated wine info with wine tasting. Mainly, … Read more

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Words at the Wine Bar – a mini course

By Katarina Andersson | May 24, 2015

Last Friday I started a mini-course about wine, a sort of an ABC of wine and wine tasting with my friend and sommelier Nadia Padrin. We have been offered the possibility to do a small introduction to wine and wine tasting at a local wine bar here in Florence (Uva … Read more

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Wine for Christmas at Wines Of Italy

Wine, swing, antiques…and all that jazz

By Katarina Andersson | May 15, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, Vieri, a friend of mine asked me to come along to an informal inauguration of a wine bar of friends of his. Being passionate about wine, as you all probably know by now, I went along, of course, and brought some other friends, too. Uva … Read more

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Våren, en kurragömmalek i norra Europa (Spring playing hide-and-seek)

By Katarina Andersson | May 10, 2015

The blog post this week is written by my nephew Tobias Andersson again. So there is not much talk about wine in this article. However, next week I will be back writing about wine and a new exciting wine bar in Florence, which I hope you will like. The post … Read more

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Enjoying Syrah Cortona with friends

By Katarina Andersson | May 2, 2015

Aperitivo, tasting Syrah from Cortona Enjoying a bottle of Syrah 2011 by Stefano Amerighi together with friends the other night, made me think about sharing the special traits of DOC Cortona. As often at our weekly aperitivo evenings, we hang out at Le volpi e l’uva, a wine bar close … Read more

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How to become a Social Translator

By Katarina Andersson | April 20, 2015

My humble contribution in the special edition blog post this week, which this time will not be much about wine, but instead about how I believe there is a need for a shift in the translator social media world. This after having followed a lot of great people in the social … Read more

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Chianti Classico branded Verrazzano, in the heart of Florence

By Katarina Andersson | April 15, 2015

On Easter Friday, we were a group of friends meeting up in the evening to drink, eat, chat, and hang out in the centre of Florence. We had chosen a quite new and very trendy wine bar in Florence, the Spumantino, owned by Castello di Verrazzano. It is situated beautifully in front of Ponte Vecchio and with a view of the river Arno. You can sip a glass of Verrazzano’s own sparkling wine while watching the sunset over the Arno. So how do wine, Easter, bowties, the Fifth Canto of the Second Circle of Hell in Dante’s Divina Commedia, selfies, and sushi, etc. all go together in one evening? Well, read on to find out more about our evening at this fantastic place in the heart of Florence.

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Tankar kring en skånsk påsk, vår och fotboll (Easter in Sweden, Springtime, and Football)

By Katarina Andersson | April 8, 2015

The blog post this week will not talk much about wine, but it will talk about thoughts around Easter, typical Easter food, springtime and football in the south of Sweden. Guest blogger is Tobias Andersson, my nephew, who will be writing a standing blog post here every month about life in Skåne, the southernmost region of Sweden. Please say hello to him and follow him here. Tobias will write in Swedish, but I will provide a translation in English here.

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Wine, Vikings, and Human to Human, at BeWizard

By Katarina Andersson | March 25, 2015

The title might sound odd to you. So, you all know by now that I am into wine and food, being a Swedish wino, sommelier, and translator in Florence. You might have read some of my posts about wine tastings and local food from Calabria to Lombardy. But what has wine to do with Vikings? You might also wonder what Human to Human and the Bewizard conference is, right? Even to me it was quite unknown concepts until a while ago. 😉 Below it will all be clear to you, just wait and see…

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From Chiantilover to Sicilylover via Fisar in 3 days

By Katarina Andersson | February 21, 2015

From Chiantilover to Sicilylover via Fisar in 3 days. All started last Saturday with the Anteprima of Chianti 2015 in Florence, continued with one of the yearly sommelier lunches with Fisar Firenze at Villa Castiglione, and ended on Monday with a wine tasting at Mercato Centrale in Florence, organized by Heres.

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