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3 Top Wineries at Wine & Siena, Part 1 – Trentino meets Tuscany

By Katarina Andersson | January 27, 2017

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in January, i.e. last Saturday, I went to Siena for the event Wine & Siena to do some heavy wine tasting and meet top wineries. This was the second edition of this wine event which is organized by the Merano Wine Festival people. The beautiful thing … Read more

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Christmas Wine Memory

A Journey through Italian Wine and Christmas Memories

By Katarina Andersson | December 23, 2016

So this is Christmas…. While I was thinking about a Christmas theme to write about a couple of weeks ago, I realized it would be more fun to ask some wine writer and sommelier friends to tell their Christmas stories. As I am focused on Italian wine, I thus asked … Read more

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Vino è

Wine from 3 Southern Italian Regions at Vino è

By Katarina Andersson | December 12, 2016

The event Vino é by Fisar (Federazione Italiana Sommelier Albergatori e Ristoratori) took place a month ago by now at the Stazione Leopolda in the center of Florence. This was the first edition of Vino è and it was organized in association with the annual congress of Fisar. The idea … Read more

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Tartufo Bianco

A Joint Venture between Chianti Classico & Tartufo Bianco delle Crete Senesi

By Katarina Andersson | December 10, 2016

Some week ago, the consortium of Chianti Classico presented a new initiative with tartufo bianco (white truffle) going on right in these days. This year, as most of you might know, Chianti Classico is celebrating 300 years of grand history. It was in 1716 that Grand Duke Cosimo III of … Read more

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Tenuta Belvedere - Tradition and Innovation in Oltrepò Pavese

Tenuta Belvedere – Tradition and Innovation in Oltrepò Pavese

By Katarina Andersson | November 22, 2016

My first encounter with a wine bottle from Tenuta Belvedere was when I visited Fattoria di Fibbiano earlier this spring and Giuseppe Cantoni told me about his nephew making wine in Lombardia. Right then, I did not think much about it. However, this summer when I visited Fattoria di Fibbiano another … Read more

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My Wine Blog has a New Face

My Wine Blog has a New Face

By Katarina Andersson | November 15, 2016

So my wine blog has a new face. It is no longer only about blog articles, but also about my WinesOfItaly LiveStream, and a new feature that I call Wine&Social. Therefore, I wanted more distinct and separate sections for each topic and area. My blog has now a new and … Read more

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Native Grape

3 Native Grape Discoveries at Autochtona in Bolzano

By Katarina Andersson | November 3, 2016

This year I decided to go to the Autochtona wine event in Bolzano for wine producers making wines with native grape varieties. So Sunday a week ago I hopped on the train towards Alto Adige. The Autochtona is a wine event or wine fair where autochtonous wines are put at … Read more

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Wine Tasting and Mingle at Guide dell’Espresso

By Katarina Andersson | October 27, 2016

The presentation of the Guide dell’Espresso, i.e. the wine and food guides published by the Italian weekly magazine L’Espresso, took place as usual at Stazione Leopolda in Florence last Thursday. The best restaurants and wines in Italy are awarded and entered into the guide books. The rating system and the … Read more

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A September Sunday at Campochiarenti Winery

By Katarina Andersson | October 11, 2016

Already a couple of years ago, at the yearly Anteprima (sneak peek) of the Consorzio Vino Chianti in Tuscany, I tasted the wines of Daniele Rosti at Campochiarenti. And from the beginning, I really liked and enjoyed tasting his Chianti Colli Senesi wines. We were also following each other on … Read more

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Original Food Writing & Traditional Schiacciata

Original Food Writing & Traditional Schiacciata

By Katarina Andersson | October 7, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by my friend Patrizia Cantini to an event organized by Aset Toscana (Associazione EnogastroAgroAlimentare Toscana). There were two points on the agenda for the evening: to hand over the Kyle Phillips 2016 award and to award a selection of the, according to … Read more

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