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Chinese Wine Market

Digital Vino with Alessio Fortunato About the Chinese Wine Market

By Katarina Andersson | May 3, 2021

Though we are in May, the focus will here be on my Digital Vino live stream with Alessio Fortunato as a guest and the wine market in China from back in December. Alessio Fortunato is an Italian oenologist and wine consultant working mainly with the Chinese wine market. In fact, … Read more

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The Fabulous World of a Wine Judge at Berliner Wine Trophy

By Katarina Andersson | April 17, 2021

Traveling to Berlin is always like making a journey into European history, and adding the concept of wine thanks to the Berliner Wine Trophy and being a wine judge heightens the experience. The last few times I have been to Berlin, after many years in between, it always makes me … Read more

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Lazio Countryside Picture

How Wine in Lazio is Reimagining its Past Greatness

By Katarina Andersson | April 3, 2021

When talking about Italian wine there is a well of history to source from, when talking about wine in Lazio the task at hand almost feels daunting. Wine in Lazio stems to the Etruscans and then there is the Roman Empire that played a big part in spreading the art … Read more

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Vineyard in Cori in Lazio

Join the ItalianFWT Group Talking About Wine in Lazio

By Katarina Andersson | April 2, 2021

The time is almost here for taking a historical tour to Lazio and discover more about wine in Lazio. And, even better, it is during the Easter weekend. There is so much more to Lazio than Rome and Roman history. Well, it is true that the Roman era has had … Read more

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Wines Of Lazio

An Invitation to Explore the Wines of Lazio with #ItalianFWT

By Katarina Andersson | March 25, 2021

All roads lead to Rome, so to speak, as Alain de Lille, the French poet, and theologian wrote in 1175, but also to the wines of Lazio. Rome is, of course, more known for its magnificent history and its past as the capital of the Roman Empire and today the … Read more

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Computer_Digital Transformation_ Wine_Marketing

Success for the Wine World Lies in Digital Transformation

By Katarina Andersson | March 24, 2021

The word on everybody’s lips during the last year has no doubt been the need to go digital, especially in the wine world. Digital marketing for wineries has become of the essence. Earlier this year, in February, I had the opportunity to talk more about the digital transformation in the … Read more

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3 Different Italian Appassimento Wines That You Will Love

By Katarina Andersson | September 21, 2019

September is as you might have guessed by now the month of passiti, or wines made with the appassimento method, in the Italian wine, food, and travel group. The title of this month’s theme is Appassimento all’italiano, Sweet Wines at Their Best. I apologize for being late with my article, … Read more

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Preview: Appassimento all’italiano, Sweet Wines at Their Best

By Katarina Andersson | September 5, 2019

September is all about passito wines, i.e. sweet wines or dessert wines, basically, all wines made with the appassimento (dehydration) method in the Italian Food, Wine, and Travel group. This month’s theme will indeed be Appassimento all’italiano, Sweet Wines at Their Best. As I mentioned in the invitation article last … Read more

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rosé wine

Rosexpo, with a focus on the identity of rosé wines

By Katarina Andersson | September 1, 2019

Wine is all about friendship, online as well as in real life. When my friend Gina Martino Zarcadoolas won the blog competition for American wine writers organized by the consortium of Salice Salentino, she told me she would get the award in Lecce at the Rosexpo. I told her I … Read more

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Sweet Wines

An Invitation To: Appassimento all’italiano…Sweet Wines at Their Best

By Katarina Andersson | August 28, 2019

Where has the summer gone? September is on the doorstep, the harvest has begun in some areas, it is soon to begin in other, and in the #ItalianFWT group, we will be focusing on passito wines. Passiti, that is sweet wines or dessert wines, belongs to a world all of … Read more

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