Native Grape

4 Native Grape Varieties of Campania at #WinesOfItaly #LiveStream

On January 24th, 2017, we talked about four a bit lesser known native grape varieties of Campania at #WinesOfItaly #LiveStream. My guest for the evening was sommelier Armando Pistolese. I got to know Armando while he was working at the wine bar of the Consortium of Chianti Classico at the Mercato Centrale in Florence. Armando studied to … Read more

Celebrating 1 Year of Wines Of Italy with Wine-Two-Five

Celebrating 1 Year of Wines Of Italy with Wine-Two-Five

Join us celebrating 1 year of #WinesOfItaly LiveStream on Nov 22 w/ Steph&Val from @WineTwoFive @MediaLabRat @KDHungerford #Tuscany — Katarina Andersson (@ricasoli99) November 17, 2016 At #WinesOfItaly #LiveStream on Tuesday, November 22nd, my guests will be Stephanie Davis and Valerie Caruso from the podcast Wine Two Five. This live stream will also be a … Read more

A New Season of Wines Of Italy LiveStream

A New Season of Wines Of Italy LiveStream

After a month-long summer break, I returned with the Wines Of Italy LiveStream on September 6th with Suzanne Hoffman as a guest. Suzanne (her website and blog is Winefamilies) has just published the book Labor of Love: Wine Family Women of Piemonte which is just as the name hints a wonderful story about wineries in Piemonte … Read more

Tuscany and Thanksgiving at #WinesOfItaly Blab

Last night we had our first #WinesOfItaly Blab, and apart from a couple of smaller glitches it went quite well for being the first time I hosted a blab on my own. I am very happy about and grateful to the people who joined the discussion yesterday, and I hope you will all come back … Read more

The First Wines Of Italy Blab

Next Tuesday, on November 24th, I will do my first true wine blab about Italian wine, namely Wines Of Italy. I am organizing it together with the help of some friends, such as Robert Moore, Kelly Hungerford, Valentina Mecca, Laura Maggi and Lorenzo Sieni. Our idea is to try and create a wine community where we … Read more

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