Calabria and Sardegna – All True, No April Fool’s Prank

We will be focusing on the food, wine, and travel in Calabria and Sardinia in the Italian Food, Wine, and Travel group this month. Calabria and Sardegna are two regions with a long viticultural and winemaking history but despite that, they are still today quite underrated wine regions with many hidden gems. During the last … Read more

Puglia_Landscape_Giovanni Aiello

How Radici del Sud Highlights the Potential of Southern Italian Wines

The Radici del Sud event is an event focused on wines made with native grapes in the southern Italian regions of Puglia, Abruzzo, Molise, Calabria, Campania, Sicily, and Sardegna. Even though lesser-known wine areas and grapes have become quite trendy and in the limelight lately, it is still often hard for smaller producers in such … Read more


Vermentino by Antonella Corda – An expression of Sardinia Terroir

Tonight, (May 4th) I am sitting happy and high on Trentino wines after having attended a vertical wine tasting of Vino Santo in a winery close to Trento. More about that further on… Anyway, in a beautiful agriturismo tucked into the Trentino mountain landscape I am now focusing on finishing my article about the Vermentino … Read more

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