My Wine Story

Where it all began...

My journey started in Ystad where I was born, which used to be known as a smugglers nest during the Hanseatic Era, while today it is the place where the police inspector Wallander solves crimes. It is an idyllic small town by the seaside. However, I live in Florence since more than 15 years.

My wine story - first photo where it all began

I have a Ph.D. in history from EUs European University Institute in Florence, and I taught modern history at university in Sweden for a couple of years. I am also a sommelier (Fisar).

A historian at heart, I am a wine writer, wine educator, live streamer, content writer, digital marketing strategist for wineries, and a translator (Italian and English to/from Swedish). My writing focus mainly on smaller producers and lesser-known wine areas and grape varieties.

I have a weekly live stream โ€“ WinesOfItaly LiveStream - since 2015 on different platforms where I have Italian wine producers as guests and let them tell their story. Nowadays, it is mainly concentrated to the autumn and winter periods.

Through the last four years, I have had guests such as Roberto Di Filippo from Di Filippo winery, Angelino Maule from Vin Natur, Isabella Pelizatti Perego from ArPePe winery, Cataldo Calabretta, Sabrina Tedeschi from Tedeschi winery, Li Valentine of The Wining Hour, Federico Gordini from Milano Wine Week, Alberto Falvo from Masseria Li Veli, and many others.

This year, I also started a new live stream series โ€“ Digital Vino โ€“ as a reaction to Covid and as a way to discuss arguments around wine and digital marketing. More specifically, how the wine world can enter the digital era and the great need for the wine sector to become more digitally proficient.

My idea is to communicate wine from lesser-known areas, grapes, and producers in a different way. A way that is easy going and relaxed but still focused.

To explore and learn more about wine, I travel a lot. In fact, you can often see me somewhere around Italy at a winery, in a vineyard, at a wine tasting or wine event of some sort, or similar. I am also invited as a wine judge every now and then at wine competitions both in Italy and abroad. For example, I have been a part of wine juries at Portuguiser du Monde in Hungary, Radici del sud in Puglia, Emozioni dal Mondo in Bergamo, and Berliner Wine Trophy in Berlin.

As you may have noticed, history, wine, and language are at the core of everything that I do. Want to learn more? Just write me a message.

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Katarina My Story How it all began
Katarina My Story Wine and Digital

Wine & Digital

I write about wine, I teach about wine, and I help wineries and other clients in the wine business and beyond to learn how to successfully tell their story and master their social media and online presence in general.

More precisely, I help to write content that gives your business a voice both on- and offline and I coach you to find a content and social media strategy that works for you.

I have seen clients gaining results with visibility, an extended reach, getting an engaged tribe and in the end starting to see sales by consistently and patiently showing up and telling their story to their customers and fans. It is all about changing the mindset. Going the extra mile without any shortcuts.

My specialty is Twitter and I can teach you how to get started on Twitter and how to set up a strategy that helps you gain success.

Live streaming has been my main thing since back in 2015 when it kicked off and it helps to make people feel like they are in Italy with me. Thanks to Robert Moore and Kelly D. Hungerford I got the pep talk to get started.

In fact, I am channeling the history buff within on traveling and exploring wine all over Italy, covering it one live stream at a time.

As you may have understood by now, I write about wine, mostly Italian wine.

Broaden Your Wine Perspective

You can also learn about Italian wine from me. I teach and organize virtual as well as in-person informal sessions or tastings about Italian wine from lesser-known areas and producers.

Through my knowledge about Italian wine, I am here to help you learn more about grape varieties, wine areas, wine appellations, and much more.

Perhaps you are going on holiday to Italy and want to know which wine areas to explore.

Perhaps you are interested in some wine coaching to better understand the Italian wine world and be able to find lesser-known or different Italian wines at home in the area where you live.

Perhaps you need to revamp the content on your website or your storytelling on your social media channels?

Perhaps you need a bit of content and social media coaching or just a quick one-on-one course in how to improve your online presence?

Then I am here for you!

What are you waiting for? Book a call with me today!

My wine history - broaden your wine perspective

Wine with Kata

Come and explore the wonders of Italian wine with me!

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