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Digital Wine Marketing in Florence

To be successful in digital wine marketing, wineries need to create interesting and relevant content that captures the attention of consumers. Thanks to the new channels, they can discover new wines and learn about the production and history of wine, finally choosing to buy from the store concerned. If you feel lost in the world of digital marketing, don’t be afraid: trust me! My name is Katarina Andersson and I’m in charge of Digital Wine Marketing in Florence. By combining my skills with my passion for wine and Italy, I have become a point of reference for companies looking to emerge in the world of the web. I will help you develop the marketing strategy that best suits your needs and your audience, to interact with consumers more directly and to create a bond of trust and closeness with the product. Tell the story of your company through social media, schedule posts and stories and advertise your events to reach new potential customers! The digital wine marketing strategy in Florence will also create a better shopping experience for the customer, who will be more tempted to buy from your store, preferring it to others on the market. For digital wine marketing advice in Florence, contact me without hesitating!


Social Media Advisor in Florence

Nowadays, customers and consumers tend to prefer companies that have a well-defined online image. For this reason, many people turn to professionals such as social media advisors, who offer advice and support in the field of social media management. If you are involved in the production and sale of wines and are looking for a social media advisor in Florence, you are welcome at my office! Thanks to my work - and also to my passion -, I traveled far and wide in Italy to discover new flavors and know the territory from which the wines come: I can therefore improve your content on social media and on your site with detailed guides on wine tasting and tips on how to best appreciate wine aromas. I’ll teach you how to develop interesting and engaging contents and when, how and where to post them for the best results. As a social media advisor at Florence, I can help you take full advantage of the opportunities offered by social media, increasing your company’s online presence and improving customer engagement. No time to manage your social platforms? I can do it for you! If you are interested in my social media advisor services in Florence, please contact me through the contact details on the contact page.

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