Digital Wine Marketing expert and Social Media Consultant


Digital Wine Marketing expert in Florence

Katarina Andersson is a Digital Wine Marketing expert in Florence, who helps wineries and other clients in the wine and tourism in order to create successful digital strategies. The main purpose of digital marketing strategies is about creating human connections online, nurturing those connections, and turning them into long-term relationships built on mutual trust. In order to achieve these aims in the digital wine field, Katrina builds a personal relationship with each wine producer to understand their specific situations.

Why is Katarina Andersson considered the best Digital Wine Marketing expert in Florence? Katarina has a Ph.d in in history and two Master degrees - one in history and one in Italian language and literature - as well as a sommelier diploma. She is analytical and she has the ability to quickly assess your needs and carry out the required research. Moreover, she has studied with , learned digital marketing, and live streaming from some of the best in the field mainly in the US such as Bryan Kramer, Robert Moore, Kim Garst, Sue B. Zimmerman, Jenn Herman, Jennifer Quinn, Dennis Yu, etc., so she has a large and strong network of contacts and she is able to insert her clients into a larger context.

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Social Media consultant in Florence

Are you having trouble seeing results with your social media activity? Are you looking for a Social Media consultant in Florence? Katarina Andersson is a wine taster, wine educator, content and social media strategist and translator. She helps and teaches wineries, wine businesses and entrepreneurs action steps to write content for their target audience, build an engaged community and use online marketing strategies to be profitable.
Katarina can help you with the following services:

Brand definition
Analysis of your online performance
Help with finding the right style and voice for your content
Strategies for each of your social media platforms
Content writing for websites/press/releases/newsletters/blogs/social
Social media management
Coaching on how to use social media
Coaching on how to use live video in your marketing strategy
Recommendations of tools to use
Organize wine events/virtual events
Contact referrals

If you need a Social Media consultant in Florence for digital wine strategies, Katarina has a deep understanding of both Social Media Marketing and the Italian and global wine scene, thus she develops successful content and social media strategies for wineries in Italy and other clients in the wine and tourism sector.

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