For The Love of Blogging with Cantina Social at WinesOfItaly LiveStream

At my #WinesOfItaly #LiveStream in mid-January, my guests were three blogging guys from Turin who has founded the wine blog Cantina Social together. Well, to be correct they are two guys from Piemonte and one guy from the US, but they all live in Turin. They are Adriano Amoretti, Matteo Franco, and John Murnane. Adriano … Read more


#WinesOfItaly #LiveStream on January 24th with Armando Pistolese

Join #WinesOfItaly #LiveStream on Jan 24th w/ @armypis talking #Campania wines. Tune in at — Katarina Andersson (@ricasoli99) January 23, 2017 Tonight, on January 24th, at #WinesOfItaly #LiveStream my guest will be the sommelier Armando Pistolese who will talk about four native grape varieties from Campania. He has chosen to talk about Pallagrello, Biancolella, … Read more

Monterotondo – Traditional Winemaking with Passion in Tuscany

On a Tuesday in early December 2016, Saverio Basagni from the Monterotondo winery in Gaiole in Chianti, who is into traditional winemaking, was a guest at my #WinesOfItaly #LiveStream. Livio Del Chiaro was helping out with the translation into English. Saverio was in the wine bar of Bianca and Livio while doing the live stream. The … Read more

Wine Educational

Talking Wine Education with Val & Steph from Wine-Two-Five at WinesOfItaly

We started out on November 22nd by proposing a toast to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of #WinesOfItaly #LiveStream and then Valerie Caruso and Stephanie Davis, who are into wine education and podcasting, presented themselves. They both have Italian ancestry; Valerie from Abruzzo and Stephanie from Sicily. Val and Steph got to know each other being in … Read more


Valentino Ciarla – The Vision of an Oenologist at WinesOfItaly

WinesOfItaly LiveStream with Valentino Ciarla as guest At WinesOfItaly LiveStream on November 15th, my guest was oenologist Valentino Ciarla. Valentino comes from a family in Lazio with a long tradition as vine growers and winemakers. He studied enology at the University of Florence and then worked around Italy as well as abroad, for example in … Read more

WinesOfItaly LiveStream

The December Program for WinesOfItaly LiveStream

The program for the #WinesOfItaly #LiveStreams during December is ready. The guests are some amazing wine producers here in Tuscany. After having had some different types of guests during the last few weeks, with the oenologist Valentino Ciarla and Stephanie Davis & Valerie Caruso from the podcast Wine Two Five, I am now back to Italian … Read more

Celebrating 1 Year of Wines Of Italy with Wine-Two-Five

Celebrating 1 Year of Wines Of Italy with Wine-Two-Five

Join us celebrating 1 year of #WinesOfItaly LiveStream on Nov 22 w/ Steph&Val from @WineTwoFive @MediaLabRat @KDHungerford #Tuscany — Katarina Andersson (@ricasoli99) November 17, 2016 At #WinesOfItaly #LiveStream on Tuesday, November 22nd, my guests will be Stephanie Davis and Valerie Caruso from the podcast Wine Two Five. This live stream will also be a … Read more

#WinesOfItaly LiveStream with Federica & Gianluca from Belvedere Winery

#WinesOfItaly LiveStream with Federica & Gianluca from Belvedere Winery

On Tuesday, October 11th, my guests at Wines Of Italy Livestream will be Federica and Gianluca Cabrini from Tenuta Belvedere in Montecalvo Versiggia which is in the province of Pavia in Lombardy. This winery is situated in the Oltrepò Pavese wine district in Lombardy. They produce a sparkling wine m’Ami Spumante Extra Brut made with pinot … Read more

Wines Of Italy with Arpepe Winery in Valtellina

Wines Of Italy with Arpepe Winery in Valtellina

  Join #WinesOfItaly @blab on July 19th w/ @arpepe1860 @MediaLabRat @Essau1969 #Valtellina — Katarina Andersson (@ricasoli99) July 16, 2016 The #WinesOfItaly Blab, on July 19th at 9pmCET / 3pmET / 12pmPT talked wine in Valtellina with Isabella Pelizzatti Perego from Arpepe winery in Sondrio. In 1984, Arturo Pelizzatti Perego founded the winery after … Read more

Wines Of Italy with Martin Kerres from Valdonica Winery

Wines Of Italy with Martin Kerres from Valdonica, Maremma

  CHANGE OF DAY! to July 14th for #WinesOfItaly @blab w/ @valdonica @MediaLabRat @Essau1969 — Katarina Andersson (@ricasoli99) July 12, 2016 At the #WinesOfItaly Blab, on July 14th at 9pmCET / 3pmET / 12pmPT we talked wine in Maremma with Martin Kerres from Valdonica winery in Sassofortina, close to Grosseto. The winery was founded … Read more

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