The hidden treasures of Calabria

My aim has been for several years, and still is, to walk in the footsteps of Giuseppe Garibaldi on Aspromonte, where one of his main battles took place in 1862; this after having written my Ph.D. in history, partly on the Italian unification and nationalism. So far, I have not arrived at Aspromonte. However, last … Read more

Friday Dinner with the Amarone vs. Brunello challenge

For those of you who still have not been to Trattoria Da Burde in via Pistoiese 154, at the outskirts of Florence, you should really try it out. So if you are soon travelling to Florence, you should definitely go to one of their Friday evening dinners, which are always organized around a wine tasting … Read more

So Emotional… Fisar Best Sommelier of the Year

Coming back to the words in Whitney Houston’s hit song So Emotional from the 1980’s, they are really perfect to describe the feelings during this last weekend at the Fisar Annual Congress in Bologna. The Competition Friday afternoon saw the final in the competition to nominate the Fisar Trofeo Rastal Best Sommelier of the Year. … Read more

Words at the Winery meets AITI Campania at Feudi di San Gregorio

Language is wine upon the lips This quote by Virginia Woolf seems as made for describing the successful union between wine and translation. We were a group of translators and interpreters from Campania, Puglia, Tuscany, Lazio, and Sicily who gathered yesterday on Sunday October 5th with a cloudy sturm und drang-like weather at Feudi di … Read more

Can wine be produced in Scandinavia, or not?

When reality starts getting topsy-turvy, places like Malmö, in Sweden, are now having 6 weeks of 35 degrees heat waves while the Mediterranean countries have experienced the coldest summer since many years, but some positive things seem to come out of it all. Apart from the fact that Scandinavians get a chance to even more crawl … Read more

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