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Alto Adige and Wine, A Special Relationship

Exploring Alto Adige: The Relationship Between Mountains and Wines

Alto Adige is such a multifaceted wine region at the same time as it has a very strong and united wine identity as a consortium and a region. I was invited to the Wine Summit, organized by the Alto Adige Consortium, earlier this autumn. I was thrilled to get back to Alto Adige and have a look up close at what is happening there. I tasted a lot of wines and brought many new impressions with me back home.

Some of the highlights of the Wine Summit were the main wine tasting of the 2022 and 2021 vintages, the visit to Vigna Kofl (0,9 ha) of Peter Zemmer and Andreas Kalser, and the visit to Alois Lageder winery.

Peter Zemmer has joined forces with Andreas Kalser and planted a Pinot Noir plot at 1030 meters altitude, just next to the Maso of the Kalser family in the Aldein-Eich area. Zemmer makes the Pinot Noir Riserva, Aldein-Eich with these grapes.

Later that pressingly warm September day in Magré, Helena Lageder took us on a walk along their vineyards down to their kitchen garden that was created by her grandmother years ago. Today, they source produce for the restaurant, and the canteen they have for their employees, which is also key in their biodynamic philosophy about biodiversity.

Learn more in the video.

Show notes:

In this video, I share my deep dive into the wine culture of Alto Adige during the Wine Summit. I explain the significant role the region’s mountainous landscape plays in the winemaking process, focusing on the variety of wines produced, from Riesling to Pinot Grigio. I am particularly impressed by the meticulous winemaking and technological innovation present in the region. I provide detailed information on some producers, including Peter Zemmer who focuses on zoning projects and terroir expression, and Alois Lageder who has adopted a biodynamic winemaking approach. In conclusion, I highlight the potential of Pinot Grigio and the importance of quality in winemaking.

00:00 Introduction and Background
00:04 Exploring Alto Adige
00:30 Wine Tasting in Bolzano
01:20 The Quality and Innovation of Alto Adige Wines
02:04 The Zoning Project in Alto Adige
03:41 Peter Zemmer’s High Altitude Pinot Noir
07:57 The Biodiversity and Sustainability at Alois Lageder
09:01 Alto Adige Wine Statistics
10:41 The Future of Wine in Alto Adige
11:21 Experimental Wines at Alois Lageder
12:29 Conclusion and Contact Information

Katarina Andersson

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