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An Invitation to Explore the Wines of Lazio with #ItalianFWT

All roads lead to Rome, so to speak, as Alain de Lille, the French poet, and theologian wrote in 1175, but also to the wines of Lazio. Rome is, of course, more known for its magnificent history and its past as the capital of the Roman Empire and today the capital of Italy. However, all around Rome, there is an entire region stretching from Gradoli in the north and Gaeta in the south, more or less.

Rome in Lazio for Wines of Lazio
Castel Sant’Angelo – Photo by Mauricio Artieda on Unsplash

A Deep Dive into Wines of Lazio at #ItalianFWT

The Italian Food, Wine, and Travel group – #ItalianFWT – will look closer at the theme Wines of Lazio: Following in the Footsteps of Great History on Saturday, 3 April.

Did you know that there is a lot of wine to explore in Lazio too? Lazio has

  • 3 DOCGs
  • 27 DOCs
  • 6 IGT

As in many areas in Italy, wine production was for many years more focused on quantity rather than quality. So also in Lazio. In recent years, that has changed, and there is a lot of interesting work going on with native grapes such as Bellone, Cesanese del Piglio and d’Affile, Nero Buono, etc.

Want to learn more, for example, about where the wine Est! Est! Est! got its name from and when? And, much more… Then get ready to be a part of our #ItalianFWT wine writers’ event on Easter Saturday.

Join us to write about your favorite wine from Lazio and its history. Why not make a food and wine pairing or talk about a trip you made to Rome or Lazio? You can choose the angle that suits you best for your article.

What do I need to do to participate you might ask yourself…? Don’t worry, it is very easy.

Vineyard Somewhere in Lazio
The vineyard at Omina Romana Winery

Send me an email to let me know you are participating: Include your blog URL, Twitter handle, link to your Facebook profile, and any other social media detail. Then you can send me your article title straight away or by the latest by Tuesday 30 March. The email is grapevineadventures[at]gmail[dot]com. Then, I will write a preview article by 31 March.

Publish your article at 8 am ET / 2 pm CET on Saturday, 3 April at the latest. Feel free to schedule your article in advance if you will be tied up around then.

In your article, you need to include a link to the other #ItalianFWT participants and a description of what this month’s theme is about. Later, I will provide the HTML code so that you easily can insert it into your initial article. The code will link to the participants’ general blog URLs, after that the updated code will include the permanent links to everyone’s #ItalianFWT articles.

Get social! After you have published your article, please take a moment to visit your fellow bloggers’ articles to comment and share.

Sponsored posts OK if clearly disclosed. Please be sure to disclose if your post is sponsored or if you are describing wine or other products for which you have received a free sample.

The #ItalianFWT Twitter Chat on Saturday, 3 April, 11 am ET / 5 pm CET: Participating wine writers and others interested in the subject can connect via the Twitter chat. This is a fun way to bring in others interested in the subject who didn’t get a chance to write an article for the occasion. You can definitely still participate in the blog event if you are not available for the Twitter chat.


Katarina Andersson

Seen often at wine events streaming live, Katarina is a wine writer, wine educator, social media strategist, and translator. She is the founder of WinesOfItaly LiveStream. She has been a guest at The Cellar, hosted by Richard Glover, at Wine Two Five, a podcast hosted by Stephanie Davis and Valerie Caruso, and at the Twitter chat #WiningHourChat founded by Li Valentine.

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  1. The last Lazio wine I had was from Marco Carpineti and it was excellent. I haven’t planned ahead for wine for this event but might research and write about the area. Either way, thanks for hosting Katarina!

  2. I have a bottle of “If You See Kay” that I’ll be writing about! I have the angle for the story but no title yet; we ‘re tasting and pairing open Tuesday. Hope I remember to get the title to you before I go to bed Pacific time!


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