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Success for the Wine World Lies in Digital Transformation

The word on everybody’s lips during the last year has no doubt been the need to go digital, especially in the wine world. Digital marketing for wineries has become of the essence. Earlier this year, in February, I had the opportunity to talk more about the digital transformation in the world of wine with Paul Mabray – called the “Wine Industry’s Digital Futurist” by the Silicon Valley Bank – as a guest at my Digital Vino Livestream.

Paul Mabray Talks Everything Digital at Digital Vino

Paul has over 20 years of experience as a thought leader, digital strategist, and futurist working with leveraging digital tools and methods to move the wine business forward. From having been the driving force behind companies such as Inertia Beverage Group then becoming and, via Emetry for data analytics, he is right now working on launching Pix Wine. The aim of Pix Wine will be to help “wineries and retailers to engage with consumers at the point of purchase.” Engagement and conversations with potential buyers will be the big thing.

The world of digital has really become crucial during the last year, well, to be fair digital marketing has been key in the wine industry for several years. However, in the past, wineries have been and still are slow to change in most countries. During the last year, there has been a digital transformation moving in the highspeed lane due to the pandemic. We are talking more about this in this episode of Digital Vino.

Virtual is the way to touch customers across place, time, geography, culture, language. […] The genie is out of the bottle, it is not going to stop. […] When Covid goes away the system will still be there.

says Paul Mabray on Digital Vino

Watch this episode of Digital Vino with Paul Mabray to learn more about

  • The importance of data collection
  • The challenges of shipping wine in today’s wine industry
  • Differences between Old & New World countries
  • Pix Wine – what’s it all about?
  • What is the 5-year outlook for wineries in the USA? asked Tina Morey, Winestudio.
  • Creating new career paths to retrain people from other suffering sectors. Paul pointed out there is now a lack of people having experience of e-commerce, DTC, digital marketing, etc.
  • What are Paul’s predictions in wine for 2022? asked Vanessa Raymond, the creator of Telesomm app.

Thank you for watching Digital Vino live stream.

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Katarina Andersson

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