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The First Wines Of Italy Blab

Next Tuesday, on November 24th, I will do my first true wine blab about Italian wine, namely Wines Of Italy. I am organizing it together with the help of some friends, such as Robert Moore, Kelly Hungerford, Valentina Mecca, Laura Maggi and Lorenzo Sieni. Our idea is to try and create a wine community where we discuss Italian wine from different angles. My main thought here is to try and present smaller Italian producers, interview them and let them talk about their territory and their wine making in an interactive way with a more international audience. Please join us by signing up at the link here. On Tuesday, you can also watch the blab directly from this blog by clicking on the page Wines of Italy Blab.

The First Blab Guests

The main guest at this first wine blab will be Leonardo Manetti, whose family has a small winery, Azienda Agricola Sagrona in Montefioralle, which is close to Greve in Chianti in Tuscany. He also has an own small vineyard separate from his family. He will tell you more about this on Tuesday though.


Other guests will be Valentina Mecca, Laura Maggi and Lorenzo Sieni. Valentina is a translator friend and wine enthusiast who lives in Potenza in Basilicata and can talk about wine in her region. She will also help me out with interpreting between Italian and English if there is a need of that for any participants. Laura is one of the founders of the local autonomous Fisar sommelier association in Florence. She is also the go-to person if you want to learn more about wine and how to perform all of a sommelier’s duties. Lorenzo and his family are owners of the Montefioralle Winery, which is situated next to the small hamlet Montefioralle. He will probably jump in on Tuesday and briefly talk about the difference between the Chianti and Chianti Classico consortiums.

Blab Theme

The theme at this first blab will be Thanksgiving Wine Pairing.  So after having heard Leonardo and all the others talk about wine and territory in Montefioralle and Chianti Classico wines, we will focus on some wine pairings for this upcoming American holiday. So feel free to come with your own suggestions on wine to pair with the typical Thanksgiving dishes.

Questions for the Blab

1) Tell us about your area in Tuscany and your winery.
2) What defines the Montefioralle terroir? Tell us about the typical traits of the Montefioralle wines.
3) What is the function of the Chianti Classico consortium?
4) What is the difference between the consortiums Chianti and Chianti Classico?
5) Which wines do you like to drink when you are not sipping on your own wines?
6) Discussion by any Americans present regarding Thanksgiving food.
7) Which of your wines would you suggest for a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner?

So I hope to see you there on Tuesday!

By Katarina Andersson.

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Katarina Andersson

Seen often at wine events streaming live, Katarina is a wine writer, wine educator, social media strategist, and translator. She is the founder of WinesOfItaly LiveStream. She has been a guest at The Cellar, hosted by Richard Glover, at Wine Two Five, a podcast hosted by Stephanie Davis and Valerie Caruso, and at the Twitter chat #WiningHourChat founded by Li Valentine.

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