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A Taste of Montecucco

Friday evening Fisar Firenze, together with the Consorzio di tutela del Montecucco and La Divina Enoteca, had organized a free wine tasting with a wide selection of Montecucco wines. This is the fourth year that La Divina Enoteca organizes a wine tasting with Montecucco wines, and it gets more and more successful and well attended for each year. Here Bianca…


…and Livio…


…sommelier Fisar of the year, are preparing for the event.

When I arrived around 19.30 the crowd stretched out in the archway towards the San Lorenzo market, just outside the enoteca. To get my first taste of Montecucco, I had to battle a group of people like below to get ahead to the sommeliers serving the wine…


Lucky for me that it was my fellow sommelier friends Alessio, Erica, and Gianni from Fisar working at this event, and I could get a bit of VIP treatment. ๐Ÿ˜‰


My favourites of the evening was the Montecucco 100% Sangiovese from Azienda Agricola Marinelli


…and Assolati Riserva 100% Sangiovese.


The other wines were of course also interesting, and well worth trying out.

Next report will be from the dinner next Tuesday for the presentation of the Slow Wine Guide 2015, in collaboration with Fisar, of course! Stay tuned…  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Katarina Andersson

Seen often at wine events streaming live, Katarina is a wine writer, wine educator, social media strategist, and translator. She is the founder of WinesOfItaly LiveStream. She has been a guest at The Cellar, hosted by Richard Glover, at Wine Two Five, a podcast hosted by Stephanie Davis and Valerie Caruso, and at the Twitter chat #WiningHourChat founded by Li Valentine.

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