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Hi, I'm Katarina. I have a Ph.D. in telling (wine) stories. Want to take a sip of Italian wine with me?

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For Wineries

I help you master your communication and content management.

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For Wine Lovers

I help you become proficient in Italian wine.

Stories are what make wine so rich, delicious, and fascinating.
When history, culture, heritage, and tradition are brought
into wine with integrity, you find balance.

Hi I'm Kata

Well, I am Katarina, but everyone calls me Kata.

I have a Ph.D. in history, with a past in academia. Nowadays, I am a wine writer, wine educator, sommelier, wine judge, content and social media strategist, and translator.

Wine is my world, as you may have noticed, in fact, I write and teach about native Italian grapes and lesser-known wine areas in Italy.

Wineries, wine businesses, and entrepreneurs turn to me to help and teach them action steps to write content for their target audiences, build an engaged community, and use online marketing strategies to be profitable.

Living streaming is my passion and you can often see me at wine events sharing my love for Italian wine with the world at large.

You can communicate with me in English, Italian, and Swedish.

When I do not write on my own blog, I guest write at The Vintner Project and E The Magazine for Female Executives, among others.

I have been a guest at United We Taste live stream by Cha McCoy, The Cellar hosted by Richard Glover, the Wine Two Five podcast hosted by Stephanie Davis and Valerie Caruso, the Wining Hour Twitter Chat hosted by Li Valentine, and the Wine Soundtrack podcast.

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Il lavoro di Katarina come traduttrice e social manager è molto professionale, dinamico e attento. Katarina fa il suo lavoro con passione e creatività, in costante aggiornamento con le novità del momento.

English translation:
Katarina is very professional, dynamic, and has an attention to detail in her work as a translator and social media manager. Katarina carries out her work with passion and creativity, keeping herself constantly updated with the latest innovations.

Leonardo Manetti,
owner of Azienda Agricola Manetti, Greve in Chianti, Italy

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